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Oral History Project

Architecture and Influence 

Frank Stella: Return to the Glass House

Glass House Oral History Project

The Philip Johnson Glass House Oral History Project records the memories and reflections of some the worlds most important architects, artists and scholars about one of the 20th Century's most influential architects and design legacies -- Philip Johnson, the Glass House and Modernism & Leadership more broadly. The Glass House offers a unique context for eliciting memories from people who were Philip Johnson's friends, students, associates and collaborators. These memories constitute an important aspect of the Glass House "collections" and offer a rich resource for understanding art, architecture and design during the 20th Century. 

Oral histories are recorded on film, audio tape and with still photography to develop a rich multimedia resource that emerging talents in film and design will use in creating new work.  The first phase of this project, completed in July, 2009, resulted in two short films:  Architecture & Influence capturing leading voices in architecture and architectural history--Robert A.M. Stern, Charles Gwathmey, Michael Graves, Vincent Scully, Richard Rogers, Norman Foster, Richard Meier and Jaquelin T. Robertson--as they share memories and insights about Philip Johnson's leadership in architecture and the impact of the Glass House on their work and  Frank Stella: Return to the Glass House, featuring artist Frank Stella exploring the site and sharing his memories as he revisits his work installed throughout the site.

   The Glass House Oral History Project is underwritten, in part, by a grant from the
   National Endowment for the Arts.
 Additional matching support is provided by
   Nathaniel and Lucy Day and the Taylor Deupree Family Foundation.

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