The Food Film Festival at Dine with Design 2012

Dine with Design
Saturday | June 9, 2012
A Modern Picnic | 12 - 3 pm
Food Film FestivalTM under the Stars | 6:30 pm
at the Glass House, New Canaan, CT
Food Film FestivalTM Tickets are SOLD OUT

The Food Film Festival™ at Dine with Design 2012

Foodies and film buffs take note! There is no need to wait until the 6th annual Food Film Festival™ returns to New York in October. This summer, the event will make its first appearance outside of NYC and Chicago at The Glass House in New Canaan, CT. On June 9, guests will be invited to watch films while tasting what they see on screen.

As part of the second annual Dine with Design culinary benefit, Food Film Festival™ co-founder George Motz will present eight short films that represent, the “most significant films we’ve shown during the Festival’s five-year history." The filmmaker drew inspiration for his selection from his 1999 interview with Philip Johnson while on assignment with Men’s Journal.

For Dine with Design, Motz aims to transport guests on a multi-sensory journey organized as a multi-course sampling. The evening begins with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres provided by Artisan Executive Chef Frederic Kieffer. Guests then take their seats for the film portion of the event, featuring eight shorts that advance from appetizers through main course and desserts.

This culinary progression parallels the spatial sequence of the Glass House site – a series of designed moments that Johnson described as a “procession” that encompassed buildings, works of art, and landscape elements.

As the Festival will take place on the 49-acre campus of the Glass House, it is our hope that guests will experience the site in a multi-sensory way, gaining a sense that the whole is greater than the sum of individual parts. This is something Philip Johnson also strove to produce for all who visit The Glass House campus.

Food Film Festival™ tickets are SOLD OUT! Dine with Design Modern Picnic tickets ($250) are available now! Tickets by phone, call 866.811.4111.

The Food Film Festival™ Schedule at Dine with Design 2012

Film: The Perfect Oyster (Director Craig Noble) Length: 6 minutes

Food: Fanny Bay oysters placed at cocktail stations
A portrait of Northwest Canadian oysterman Brent Petkau and his oysters.

Film: A Love Supreme (Director Nilesh Patel) Length: 9 minutes
Food: Samosas
An illustration of making samosas, inspired by the boxing sequences from Scorsese’s Raging Bull. A tribute to the director’s mother (who has rheumatoid arthritis in her knees and shoulders); this is a record of her hands in case they become disabled.

Film: What’s Virgin Mean? (Director Michael Davies) Length: 3 minutes
Food: Bread with olive oil
A young girl asks her mother an awkward question. Will this middle-class mum display her impeccable liberal credentials by explaining honestly? Or will she try and squirm her way out of it?

Film: Zergüt (Director/Producer Natasha Subramaniam and Alisa Lapidus) Length: 5:45 minutes
Food: No service
Animated food film where the moldy, forgotten foods in the rear of a refrigerator rise up against the fresh foods that reside up front.

Film: Harvest to Heat (Director Darryl Estrine) Length: 2:24 minutes
Food: To be determined
Demonstrating the unique relationship between chef and artisan exemplified by Chef Bill Taibe of Le Farm and The Whelk, and master farmer Annie Farrell of Millstone Farm

Film: Cud (Director/Producer Joe York) Length: 16:38 minutes
Food: Grass-fed sliders
The story of a Georgia rancher who eschews traditional corn-feeding to raise grass-fed cattle.

Film: Ice Cream Picasso (Director Kris Brearton) Length: 6 minutes
Food: Ice Cream
No one is more inventive or passionate on the subject of ice cream than Bruce Becker of Max & Mina's. This Flushing, Queens ice cream shop boasts over 4,000 flavors, some as bizarre as beer and grass.

Film: Pastry Paris (Director Joel Herm, Producer Susan Hochbaum) Length: 3 minutes

Food:  Financiers and Palmiers
Visually arresting Parisian pastries photographed with their sculptural Parisian counterparts.

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