Special Glass House Gift Packages

The Iconic Glass House package: The new Glass House guide-book, with a foreword by Paul Goldberger and essay by Philip Johnson, presents an exclusive tour of the Glass House, its grounds, treasures, and patrons, and honors the legacy of one of modern architecture’s most famous creations. And until you have a chance to come experience the Glass House in person, you can enjoy your own iconic Glass House—a crystal clear, prism bud vase, perfect for any home to show off a single flower beautifully. Price:$42 plus tax and shipping

The Budding Architect Package: Children will enjoy building and decorating their own mobile home.  Imagine a pirate hideout, a princess castle, or superhero headquarters! This mobile cardboard playhouse has 8 secret rooms, spy holes, and an attic for storage. This portable, lightweight playhouse comes with a set of markers.  The Three Little Pigs: An Architectural Tale is a beautifully illustrated story about three little pig  architects Philip Johnson, Frank Gehry and Frank Lloyd Wright who attempt to build a home that can withstand the big bad wolf’s infamous huffing and puffing. Which structure is left standing – The Glass House, the Gehry House or Fallingwater? You’ll have to read it to find out!  Price: $52 plus tax and shipping.

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