Night (1947-2015)

Guest Curated by Jordan Stein

Vincent Fecteau, Untitled, 2014
May 1 – August 25, 2014

Vincent Fecteau creates bodies of beguiling, abstract work over long stretches of time in his San Francisco studio. For the exhibition Night (1947–2015), the artist produced a suite of three matte black sculptures to take the place of Giacometti’s Night.

Bent, layered, chopped, flipped, and painted into existence, Fecteau’s finished forms embody countless choices made along the way, as weighty concepts give way to the buoyancy of action and perception. “I might start with an idea but I try to let go of it,” he notes. “A sculpture is what happens after I forget that idea, or twist that idea, or bury that idea, or carve that idea up.”

Fecteau’s intuitive approach—well matched for the modeling clay he employs—confronts the crispness of the Glass House with a tangle of opaque folds, curves, and arches. Yet, like the house itself, the sculptures marry interior and exterior space, taking advantage of the medium’s inherent dimensionality by offering endless perspectives on and through a single form.

Inspired by this paradox, the Glass House will rotate all three works over the course of Fecteau’s nearly four-month presentation: a compressed model of the disappearing act that is Night (1947–2015).