Anni Albers

Pliable Plane: Anni Albers is the first in a new series in which our curators invite an artist or designer to create site-responsive textiles for the Glass House or another pavilion on our site. For the first in this occasional series, named for a 1957 essay by Anni Albers about the relationship between textiles and architecture, The Glass House and The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation are collaborating to create a new bedspread and window panels based on original works by Anni Albers and installed in the transparent pavilion’s sleeping area. We invite you to explore the legacy of Albers and her work using the resources below.

Anni Albers: Design Pioneer
Produced by The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, this short video features interviews with Anni Albers and Philip Johnson from the 2010 film Design Pioneer.

Glass House Presents: Toshiko Mori and Nicholas Fox Weber
Architect Toshiko Mori and Albers Foundation director Nicholas Fox Weber have a conversation about the legacy and impact of Anni and Josef Albers, as well as Mori’s engagement with New Canaan modernism.

How to Weave Like Anni Albers
Ever wondered how a piece of fabric is made? In this video by Tate, textile designer Rosa Pearks shows us how to weave a piece of fabric inspired by Anni Albers.

Interview with Brenda Danilowitz about Anni Albers
In this podcast from Yale University Press, Albers Foundation chief curator Brenda Danilowitz discusses the 2018 Anni Albers retrospective at Tate Modern.

Activities for Kids!
Young people can learn about Anni Albers on the Tate Modern website or experiment with color using online exercises posted to #AlbersForKids, an initiative of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation.

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