An Interview with Alan Goldberg

Alan Goldberg, FAIA, came to New Canaan, CT, in 1966. After working on major projects in New York, he joined the firm of Eliot Noyes & Associates, eventually becoming a partner. The Noyes firm was changing the way businesses in the U.S. utilized design in their operations. Now in his 90s, Goldberg continues his design work, focusing on hydrogen breakthrough technologies, serving as an advocate for New Canaan’s modern architecture, and writing and speaking about Mexican folk art and the collection he and his wife Trudy donated to the Mexican Museum in San Francisco. This interview is part of the oral history program at the Glass House. In the interview, Goldberg provides an illuminating view of the Noyes firm, a glimpse of architecture at midcentury, and some essentials of midcentury modern architecture, as realized in the design of Goldberg’s house in New Canaan.