From the Research Lab: How a Building Tells a Story

How do you tell the story of a building? How do you bring the spirit of the place to life? From the Glass house of Philip Johnson in the USA to the Louis Carré house of Alvar Alto in France.

We review how such buildings were traditionally presented to the public, usually by focusing mainly on their outstanding physical attributes. The discussion explores contemporary approaches to curating art exhibitions within these unique settings, offering visitors engaging experiences that enhance the hosting spaces.

Participants: Natascha Drabbe, Executive Director & Founder of the Iconic Houses Network at the Van Schijndel House (The Netherlands); Hilary Lewis, Chief Curator & Creative Director, The Glass House; and Ásdís Ólafsdóttir, Director of Maison Louis Carré designed by Alvar Aalto (France).

This program was presented by Liebling Haus/White City Center in Tel Aviv, Israel.