Glass House Presents: Jacques Tati, A Lens on Modern Life

Please join us to celebrate the extraordinary work of French filmmaker Jacques Tati and its relationship to modern architecture, design and the lens though which post WW2 Europe emerged. The discussion will feature Alison Castle, author of The Definitive Jaques Tati (Taschen) and Design Architect James Wall, who reinterpreted Tati’s Villa Arpel in Mon Oncle for a series of exhibitions in Miami and New York. The conversation will be moderated by Chief Curator and Creative Director at The Glass House, Hilary Lewis.

Alison Castle is a book editor, writer, and filmmaker. Her publications for TASCHEN, focusing on film, photography, and design, include The Stanley Kubrick Archives, Saturday Night Live: The Book, Marc Newson: Works, and The Definitive Jacques Tati. Her documentary film debut — a feature-length portrait of her father, the artist Wendell Castle — is forthcoming.

James J. Wall is the creative director and founder of Thirlwall, an architecture and design firm that has garnered recognition from an international clientele over eighteen years for its astute design approach and concepts as well as its attention to materiality and building processes. The team has developed a rich portfolio of architecture, landscape, and interior projects, each of which combines idiosyncratic vernacular with clean materiality.

Glass House Presents is an ongoing series of talks, performances, and other live events that extend the site’s historic role as a gathering place for artists, architects, and other creative minds. This event is co-hosted by New Canaan Library and supported in part by Connecticut Humanities and the New Canaan Community Foundation.