Glass House Presents

Feast of Clarity: Food + Architecture

Kulapat Yantrasast and master chef Keizo Seki host an outdoor picnic and conversation on creativity.

Keizo Seki was born in Osaka, Japan, and began mastering the art of making sushi at a young age in Tokyo before moving to Los Angeles. With over 30 years of experience in both Japan and the United States, he opened the sushi restaurant SUSHI ZO in West Los Angeles in March 2006. The finest quality fish is hand selected by Keizo each morning and served in the traditional omakase style. In 2009, SUSHI ZO was awarded a prestigious 1-star Michelin review. In 2013, Keizo opened a second restaurant, ZO DOWNTOWN, in downtown Los Angeles.

Kulapat Yantrasast is Creative Director and Founding Partner of wHY. He orchestrates the creative dialogue between wHY’s four workshops: Buildings, Objects, Grounds and Ideas. His relentless drive to express the unique identity of each project with enthusiasm is what sets his work apart, creating delightful outcomes for a variety of clients worldwide. An expert in museum design and passionate about art, Kulapat has led wHY to create unique cultural projects in emerging cities. In 2012, Kulapat was recognized as one of the art world’s 100 Most Powerful People by Art+Auction magazine and, in 2009, he was the first architect to receive the prestigious Silpathorn Award from the government of Thailand.

Glass House Presents was generously supported by an anonymous donor.

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