Glass House Presents

Ivy Baldwin Dance

Glass House Presents is an ongoing series of public programs — including conversations, performances, and gatherings — that sustain the site’s historic role as a meeting place for artists, architects, and other creative minds. At each program, visitors have the opportunity to explore the Glass House campus, view current exhibitions, and enjoy a festive reception.

Ivy Baldwin Dance
Remove (Part 1)
Choreographed by Ivy Baldwin
Performances by Ivy Baldwin, Anna Carapetyan, Eleanor Smith and Katie Workum
Sound Design by Justin Jones

Choreographer Ivy Baldwin’s latest work brings a powerful yet often hidden emotion to life within the most uncommon of spaces; the Philip Johnson Glass House and its dramatic grounds. Remove embodies the emotional and physical experience of loss, memory and holding love, and filters it through the lens of serene Modernism and chaotic wilderness. Women dressed in red alternate between synchronized movements and stark solitary wanderings–united pinwheeling, running up hills, plunging limbs into an icy pool–the sum of their movements create a whole, wounded but hopeful self. Juxtaposing ancient rites of mourning with threads inspired by the 1967 “Country Happening” at the Glass House, a performance of the great modern dance choreographer Merce Cunningham and the Velvet Underground, Remove both adheres to and departs from formal dance structures to share an unbridled and varied experience of grief. Remove is a site-specific dance for four women and is performed by Baldwin, Anna Carapetyan, Eleanor Smith, and Katie Workum, with a live score by Justin Jones.

This performance made possible by the Tell Foundation, with special thanks to Ed + Catherine Romer.