Night Sounds

Julianna Barwick

Night Sounds is a performance series that parallels the seven part sculpture-in-residence exhibition Night (1947 – 2015). Guests join the performer and program curators for a live performance on the Glass House campus. Night Sounds is guest curated by Jordan Stein.

The inaugural Night Sounds performance featured musician Julianna Barwick in the Glass House alongside Ken Price’s sculpture Doola (2011).

Hauntingly beautiful & immersive, the music of vocalist/composer Julianna Barwick becomes a total experience of the senses when paired with sublime design. Barwick has released three albums to tremendous critical acclaim from The New York Times, National Public Radio (NPR), Pitchfork and more. The interface between voice and technology is central to Ms. Barwick’s art: her music is composed of raw material almost exclusively her own voice, layered and processed into figures that can alternately be described as familiar, soothing, alien, and tense. The heavy reverb and layering brings to mind cathedrals and light refracted through stained glass, but while Barwick can seem to be reaching for these grand themes and overwhelming statements, there’s something in her music that brings it back down to earth. It feels human, imperfect, and intimate, and the line of communication is one-to-one. So the sense of the sublime, which permeates every note of her material, ultimately works on a humble scale. Recent collaborative works include albums with improviser Ikue Mori and Roberto Lange of Helado Negro.

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