Glass House Presents

Maya Lin + Edwina von Gal

Maya Lin and Edwina von Gal discuss issues of place-making, landscape, and environment.

Maya Lin’s acclaimed practice comprises architecture, large-scale environmental installations, intimate artworks, and memorials, including the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial (1982) in Washington, D.C. She is presently at work on her last memorial, What is Missing?, which focuses on bringing awareness to the current crisis surrounding biodiversity and habitat loss.

For 30 years, Edwina von Gal has created landscapes with a focus on simplicity and sustainability for private and public clients around the world. She serves on boards and committees for a number of horticultural and cultural organizations, including What Is Missing? von Gal is currently launching the Perfect Earth Project, a non-profit organization that seeks to preserve the earth’s ecosystems by raising awareness around and reducing the use of toxins in landscapes.

Glass House Presents was generously supported by an anonymous donor.

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