Glass House Conversations


The Glass House has been described as “the longest running salon in America.” Great minds and leaders from art, architecture and design gathered in New Canaan, CT at the invitation of Philip Johnson and David Whitney, to engage in intimate and dynamic dialogues. These gatherings launched careers, promoted cultural patronage, and fostered intellectual transformation that have had enormous influence on art, design and culture during the second half of the 20th century.

In 2008 and 2009, the inaugural Glass House Conversations program continued this legacy of gathering great minds to explore important issues and ideas in art, architecture and design during invitational two day events. This program helped to position the site as both context and catalyst for innovation, new ideas and change by bringing divergent perspectives to the table with moderators and participants from across society.


John Maeda, Rhode Island School of Design

Becky Bermont, Rhode Island School of Design; Dorothy Dunn, The Glass House; Jason Fried, 37signals; Ben Ichinose, Japanese Garden enthusiast; Jed Kolko, Research Fellow, Public Policy Institute of California; Christy MacLear, The Glass House; Michelle McMurry, Aspen Institute; Ambra Medda, Design Miami; Nils Norén, French Culinary Institute; Diego Rodriguez, IDEO; Christel Sorin, France Telecom; Linda Tischler, Fast Company

Glass House Conversations was sponsored exclusively by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®.